Organized, energetic, cheerful—all that and expert in tracking detail across large projects! As teaching assistant, Casey helped keep my editing class moving forward, and I’ve watched her juggle thorny editorial challenges with flair, always learning, always ready to share and act on what she’s learned—the mark of a true professional. She loves her work and brings that passion to all her projects. Casey makes editing fun!

Julie Van Pelt, Editor and UW Editing Certificate Instructor

I had the extraordinary pleasure of working with Casey on a collection of essays I recently wrote. I’m completely lost when it comes to anything structure related, and I put far too many commas in any given sentence. Enter Casey. Casey made the editing process fun, educational (as this was my first time having a book edited), and most importantly, she took the time to answer any and all questions I had with patience and humor. I’m so content with how it all worked out, and I will DEFINITELY be using her again in the future!

Allison Stauffer, Author

Pooping, Periods & Sex with Terrible Men

Casey Decker is a talented editor and very easy to work with. She is careful and concise, and she edits with a light touch, allowing the author’s voice to remain true. She was also sensitive to the subtle differences between my native Canadian spelling and American spelling, which at times I was inconsistent with. I wouldn’t hesitate to work with Casey again on future projects.

Janet Hill, Author and Artist

Lucy Crisp and the Vanishing House

I was fortunate to have hired Casey to copyedit my novel, Once Upon a Time a Sparrow. She was most definitely meticulous in a helpful way. I worried about preserving my young protagonist’s voice, and Casey was patient in sharing with me her process, even provided a sample, which put me at ease. Her edits included helpful comments, she kept in touch about her progress, and was great to work with. Since she had became familiar with the story, I also asked her to help me write the back cover blurb. She freely provided me with multiple resources and ultimately crafted a blurb that gave me the inspiration I needed. I highly recommend her as an editor.

Mary Avery Kabrich, Author

Once Upon a Time a Sparrow

I had the pleasure of working with Casey as my editor on my recent script, The One That Got Away. English is my second language (Danish my first) so I needed someone to help me with my “Danglish” and occasionally weird word choices, sentence constructions, and grammar. Casey was the perfect match. She managed to correct my writing without changing my special style/my voice. I loved all her suggestions/corrections—and funny comments. She is indeed thorough and meticulous! Recommend her as your future editor, for sure.

Charlotte Roth, Author

The One That Got Away

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Casey! She is very careful, meticulous, and prompt. I felt that Casey really cared about providing the best work product. I would not hesitate to recommend Casey to any author.

Katie Matison, Author and Attorney

The Slip

I had the pleasure of working with Casey Decker on my middle-grade, historical fiction manuscript, Missouri GirlMissouri Girl was a finalist in its genre in the 2013 Pacific Northwest Writers Association literary contest, and it received compliments from the judges on the editing. Most writers I know dread having to edit their work, but Casey’s positive energy, unrelenting attention to detail, and wicked sense of humor made the process lots of fun. I was always excited to see Casey’s edits arrive in my in-box. Not only did she correct my quirky grammar, she also cleaned the unintentional static from my writing and helped me hone my technique. She even went to the trouble to research language that sounded too modern for my historical fiction novel. That Casey can do all this while still respecting my voice as an author is a real talent. I recommend her without reservation to anyone looking to polish their work to its highest potential.

Susan M. Schreiber, Author

Missouri Girl

A fellow author who had used Casey to edit her novel recommended that I contact her to edit my book, Bullpen. Casey not only professionally edited my manuscript, she also worked within my time frame and offered substantive feedback on the pacing of my book and characters. I enjoyed working with Casey. She is prompt, responsive, and conscientious. I would recommend her to others looking for professional editing services.

Cindy Runger, Author, Attorney, Senior Vice President/Private Client Advisor


Casey worked within my deadline, as my book had to be ready for a conference. She caught many things that had been invisible to my own eye. Best of all was her good judgment. She solved some problems along the way. Her edits and suggestions improved my book and made the completion a celebration! I highly recommend her!

Sarri Gilman, Author, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Naming and Taming Overwhelm for Healthcare and Human Services Providers

It was a pleasure to work with Casey. She worked on a team of three editors that our company used during a three-month project. She was professional, friendly, and flexible in helping us meet all our crazy deadlines.

Marcie Braddock, Director of Operations

Naomi Beard & Associates

Casey Decker applied her expert skills to improve a crucial proposal I was delivering to a new client. The proposal was much stronger and more cohesive and compelling after her thoughtful and meticulous work. I was awarded the project and told that my proposal was, hands-down, the best of the bunch.

Martha C. Bean, Visual Strategist

Casey teamed with me to edit a client’s site as well as my own. In both cases, she helped establish the brand language style guide unique to each brand. Casey understands the importance of a style guide that sets the standards for writing and typography within all forms of media. It was music to my ears to hear her dedication to style guides! Now my client can create new content consistent with her brand standards. It makes it easy for me and improves communication for my clients (and my) readers. I look forward to using Casey’s editing and proofreading services in the future and highly recommend her to content authors of any genre.

Barb Rowan, Brand Designer

Owner, Barb Rowan Design

Casey Decker was easy to work with in editing the content of my website. She easily grasped the particulars of the work that I do and was able to translate that into an understandable, clear message. That is an exceptional skill, and I deeply appreciate her work. WholeMediation.com

Debra Synovec, Mediator, Divorce Financial Analyst, Divorce Advisor

Owner, Whole Mediation & Consulting Services

How lucky I am to have such a fabulous editor! Casey Decker, aka The Meticulous Type, has done a wonderful job working with one of my clients who decided to write a book and needed a top-notch editor. Casey has also done work for me personally in reviewing, correcting, and editing some business letters that needed professional help. With Casey “on the job,” I can always count on top-quality work, a quick turnaround, a high level of integrity, and most of all…a delightful and easy person to work with. I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for high-caliber results.

Cheryl A. Rumbolz, Senior Financial Advisor and Vice President

Merrill Lynch

Casey improved my writing, and she made it easy. She was terrifically prompt and responsive. She met with me at my location and on my schedule, and she turned my piece around quickly. It was a positive experience, and my work was demonstrably better after her help. Thanks for making me look good, Casey!

Danica Noble, Attorney

I had the pleasure of working with Casey Decker recently, and I really received more than I asked for! Casey was honest and informative, helpful and caring as she helped edit my time-sensitive documents. She made me feel that I had made the perfect choice for my editing needs. I also loved how she stayed in my voice as she edited. I will recommend her to everyone!!! She is my go-to gal for all my editing needs.

Andrea Fitzgerald, Owner and Stylist

Just Andrea

Casey Decker was the editor and proofreader of The Green Pages, a newsletter directed to federal agencies interested in improving business practices to increase sustainability and save federal dollars. As soon as she started, Casey whipped the newsletter into shape and developed a style sheet to ensure that our future newsletter issues were accurate and consistent. She also provided excellent suggestions to the Green Team about ways to improve the newsletter. She reliably provided a prompt turnaround, so that we always met our deadlines. Consistently constructive, her edits improved our content and demonstrated a sensitivity and awareness of our newsletter’s and writers’ needs when making suggestions for improvement. I highly recommend Casey as an editor.

Kelli Schmidt, Former Managing Editor

The Green Pages

Please contact Casey Decker, 206-789-1157 or e-mail, to discuss your editing or proofreading project.



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Janet Hill, Lucy Crisp and the Vanishing House

Cindy Runger, Bullpen

Sarri Gilman, Naming and Taming Overwhelm for Healthcare and Human Service Providers

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